Meet the Pod


Hack2gether Weather

By Hack2gether Pod

MLH Prep Pod Project

19th August 2022

A weather app that shows information about the weather in a city.

ProDOGtivity Pet

By Yanna Lin

College Project

1st May 2022

A Canvas-integrated desktop pet application that helps student with schedule-management and staying productive.

ASUENG Manager

By Ahmed Atwa

Personal Project

1st May 2022

Desktop application that helps people view, create and modify JSON data files using a graphical interface.

Dev House

By Wisdom Ekpotu

Personal Project

20th May 2022

Dev House is an Open Source Blogging Platform for Developers. Instantly create a blog for free, then share your thoughts with engineers, developers, and other tech professionals


By Omeir Fawaz

Personal Project

15th January 2022

An app to check university classes, attendance, grades, and more, without the hassle.

Perpetual Sunset

By Jane Ling

Personal Project

15th January 2022

Perpetual Sunset is a single page app and Twitter bot that shows a sunsets on Earth every hour, 24 hours a day. Using the Twitter and AWS API, the bot searches for a sunset photo and analyzes the contents to post on the static webpage.

Traffic Light System

By Ziad Gamalelden

Nanodegree Project

12th August 2022

Traffic light system is a software system that runs the normal flow of traffic lights with an addition of pedestrian button that enables pedestrians to have the priority of crossing the road


By Shengyuan Lu

Personal Project

3rd January 2022

A utility iOS app that displays up-to-date UC Irvine dining hall menus, schedules, and pricing.